Editorial Team

JPNGOB closely follows all the Best Practice Guidelines developed by COPE for Journal Editors . The general objective is to preserve the academic publishing integrity of JPNGOB at all times. The Editor provides liaison between all interest parties: editorial board, reviewers, authors, publishers and general readers, in a professional manner. The Editor is responsible for ensuring confidentiality in all matters relating to interest parties hitherto listed.

The Editor has complete responsibility and authority to accept/reject a submitted manuscript. Decision to accept/reject a submission may occur at the initial, during or after the final review process. The Editor will only accept a manuscript for publication when reasonably certain that it has met all JPNGOB criteria for publication.

The Editor is to ensure at all times that there is no conflict of interest in the handling of a submission. In the event of a conflict that could impact on his impartial scientific judgment or evaluation, editorial responsibility will be transferred to the Associate Editor/or a member of the Editorial Board.

Editorial Board for Journal of Petroleum & Natural Gas Operations and Business: 


Dr. Gurunadh Velid(Editor-in-Chief)

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India 

Email: gvssvelidi@ddn.upes.ac.in 

Dr. Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Maziz

Director of Sciences, 

MAHSA University, Malaysia, 

Email: mohammadnazmul@mahsa.edu.my

Dr. Sampath Emani, 

Chairman, Emani Group of Companies,


Dr. Seshu Kumar Vandrangi

Research Scientist, University of Technology Petronas, 


Dr. Sameer Kumar

Assistant Professor, Manipal University, 

Bukit Baru, Malaysia, 

Email: sameer.kumar@manipal.edu.my

Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid 

Professor, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq

Email: ahmedj.aljanaby@uokufa.edu.iq

Dr. Shilpa Madhuri

Professor, Manipal University, Malaysia, 

Email: dr.shilpamadhuri@gmail.com