Author Guidelines

The JPNGOB and its Editors are fully committed to ethical publication practice. JPNGOB supports the practical application of ethical standards that are consistent throughout all scholarly publications. JPNGOB follow closely the standards and guidelines for best practices set by the Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ and Committee on Publication Ethics COPE and other industry associations. The subtopics below outline the ethical publication practice followed by JPNGOB . Manuscript template can be found here

Publication and Authorship

The published articles are to be original, not submitted elsewhere and not under consideration with any other publication outlet. No part of the articles shall contain fraudulent information/data, neither shall articles be construed as been malicious to individuals, groups and organisations, in any form. Proof of consent have to be obtained for any named individuals, groups or organisations. Due permission are to be received for any third party material before they are published.

Authorship is limited to persons that have made substantial contribution to the paper. The corresponding Author must have obtained permission from all contributors for each version of the paper submitted for review and for any authorship changes. The corresponding Author is to ensure that no one has been ‘gifted’ authorship or denied credit as an author. In multi-authored papers, it is important that all authors that have made a significant contribution to the paper are listed. Those who provided support but have not contributed to the research should be acknowledged in an Acknowledgement section. The Acknowledgement section should also contain information on any financial support or grant in aid for the research work being published.